Lot B – Embryo Pregnancy [$350]

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Cattle For Sale | 0 comments

PA Fortitude 2500

Grand River Angus Farm will Guarantee at least one pregnancy if implanted by AETA certified technicians. All embryos are stored at GGS Genetics Mason, MI.

Dam: AHA Queen Mother 9322 AAA 16367831 VIEW CURRENT EPD’S & PEDIGREE
Sire: PA Fortitude 2500 AAA 17418539 VIEW CURRENT EPD’S & PEDIGREE

AHA Queen Mother 9322 has phenotypic quality along with the body, hip and power that has attributed her to the Grand River Angus Farm.

PA Fortitude 2500 will add thickness, muscle, performance, calving-ease and growth. This bull is unique in the fact that he will add marbling and ribeye while reducing external fat. He ranks in the top 1% for $B and top 5% for Marbling and top 10% or CED, BW, YW, RADG, CW, Fat, $W, $F, and $YG

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