S Chisum 3188

S Chisum 3188

Calved: 03/23/2013• AAA +17594860
S Alliance 3313

S Chisum 6175

#S Gloria 464

+Paws Up Alliance 9561

Paws Up 9048 Emulation Ext

S Eclipse 169

#S Gloria 209

#+Baldridge Rock R913

#S Janiece 8302

#S Janiece 5210

#Baldridge Kaboom K243 KCF


S Global 348

S Janiece 253

As of 07/23/2014 | VIEW CURRENT EPD DATA
+3.27+3.1.37+54.28+101.28 I+.18.05+.8.38+.66.37+24.32

High gaining Chisum son who almost hit the 4 lb per day mark in Spickler’s pre-sale 165 day test. His dam is a nice uddered Rock daughter that has really impressive progeny ratios across the board. The Chisum x Rock mating works very well and this bull is a good example. He ratioed well at weaning and yearling, plus he scanned significantly above average for IMF and REA.

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