S Whitlock 321

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S Whitlock 321

Calved: 07/22/2014 • AAA 17594723 • VIEW CURRENT EPD’S
S Chisum 6175

S Whitlock 179

#S Pride Anna 709

A Alliance 3313

#S Gloria 464

#R&S Expedition 1404 [RDF]

#S Pride Anna

RA Lincoln W144

S Gloria 127

S Gloria 9164

#Reich Lead On 424

#RA Brandy P11

#+GDAR Game Day 449 [RDF]

#S Gloria 209

Standout Whitlock son with a no holes EPD and performance data. This long bodied, clean made calving lease bull performed well at weaning and yearling, and ultrasound well ratioing 123 for marbling and 109 for ribeye. His young dam is model Lincoln daughter with a near perfect udder, who stems from a 3/90 birth ratio Game Day female out of Chisum’s grand dam. If you are in need of a calving ease bull loaded with performance, carcass, and maternal merit then lot 105 needs to be on your list.

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